When you need a logo, brochure, newspaper/magazine ad, illustration, or any custom artwork…. Call Us First,,,  800-680-8720. Then purchase a STARTER BLOK or BIG BLOK to begin the process. After communicating with you about your project and deadline, I will email you a time schedule for producing your project. As we continue to update the CREATIVBLOK™ you will see new designs from various clients. When you need award winning graphics, the CREATIVBLOK™ is the best place to get it done. Get started today!



I’m a creative designer with over 30 years in automotive advertising experience. I continue to service automotive dealerships and ad agencies from California to North Carolina. I also specialize in illustration, photo design for all types of print collateral, media and specialty products.

Clients include:  Selma Automall – CA: Chevrolet, KIA, Dodge, Ram Jeep, Chrysler, Hyundai, and Nissan. Mike McCray/Alliance Mazda KIA – NC, General Motors R-Works – Central Region:
Chevy Trucks, GMC, Buick and many others including security, furniture, real estate and financial.



STARTER BLOK =  2 BLOKS   (basic logo, simple brochure,  sign layout and more)

BIG BLOK =  5 BLOKS   (basic logo, simple brochure,  sign layout, web graphics & marketing)



If your company needs a distinctive and enduring brand identity, 
it will be a pleasure to connect with you.